The Call

I know who you

say you are

But is that you? 

Be real, who are you?

You say you’re happy

I see it on the outside

But I can see right through you 

You’re struggling inside

It’s okay. Guess what?

I am too.

That’s nothing new 

We have problems. 

We have fears.

We all have issues too. 

With all the affairs that we deal with.

We can all count so many. 

Personal, Public, Emotional too. 

It happens its life.

It’s never been easy. 

I can’t say suck it up and walk away.

But the issues that we deal with?

Sometimes its our fault.

Not always. 

But they can and most likely will be.

Maybe instead of trying to change others.

We need to reevaluate ourselves.

You say “I have” or 

“I won’t” 

“It’s they’re fault not mine”

What happened with our generation? 

Our pride has taken over! 

Surely it is like the vines in a ruined city!

Stand up! 

Take responsibility!

Swallow your pride.



I understand some of our sadness 

hate and anger comes from unspeakable

catastrophes. I understand. 

Is there a easy way to deal with this? 

No! Nothing is easy! 

If you want to be easy, stop reading this now. 

This is a charge! 

Take of you’re chest plate of pride, Take a hit. 


In terms of being happy, you can force yourself

You can say you are. 

You can hide in you’re distress. 

But how will you succeed?

How will you continue forward?

Don’t hide it! 

There are so many people to talk to!

If not a family member or friend then me! 

Go outside right now and scream! 




Let it all out! See?

Getting it out there takes off stress on your head!

It makes you feel so much better!



Point being, There are people that love you.

I guarantee it! 

If you can’t find single human to love on you,

Guess what that means? 

Then they’re the ones that need to change! 

No matter what you’ve done, doing.

There will always be someone to love on you. 

To listen to you. 

To help you. 

Have hope. 

It gets better.


You are beautiful. 



                                                  Silver Prophet


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