The Call

I know who you

say you are

But is that you? 

Be real, who are you?

You say you’re happy

I see it on the outside

But I can see right through you 

You’re struggling inside

It’s okay. Guess what?

I am too.

That’s nothing new 

We have problems. 

We have fears.

We all have issues too. 

With all the affairs that we deal with.

We can all count so many. 

Personal, Public, Emotional too. 

It happens its life.

It’s never been easy. 

I can’t say suck it up and walk away.

But the issues that we deal with?

Sometimes its our fault.

Not always. 

But they can and most likely will be.

Maybe instead of trying to change others.

We need to reevaluate ourselves.

You say “I have” or 

“I won’t” 

“It’s they’re fault not mine”

What happened with our generation? 

Our pride has taken over! 

Surely it is like the vines in a ruined city!

Stand up! 

Take responsibility!

Swallow your pride.



I understand some of our sadness 

hate and anger comes from unspeakable

catastrophes. I understand. 

Is there a easy way to deal with this? 

No! Nothing is easy! 

If you want to be easy, stop reading this now. 

This is a charge! 

Take of you’re chest plate of pride, Take a hit. 


In terms of being happy, you can force yourself

You can say you are. 

You can hide in you’re distress. 

But how will you succeed?

How will you continue forward?

Don’t hide it! 

There are so many people to talk to!

If not a family member or friend then me! 

Go outside right now and scream! 




Let it all out! See?

Getting it out there takes off stress on your head!

It makes you feel so much better!



Point being, There are people that love you.

I guarantee it! 

If you can’t find single human to love on you,

Guess what that means? 

Then they’re the ones that need to change! 

No matter what you’ve done, doing.

There will always be someone to love on you. 

To listen to you. 

To help you. 

Have hope. 

It gets better.


You are beautiful. 



                                                  Silver Prophet


Confusion in thoughts and feelings

Why do things like this happen?
Why is it so sudden?
Without any warning or sign.
We’re left without any answers.
And that someone else is next in line.
It’s not fair that one has to go so soon.
So sudden.
I can’t deal with this pain.
I’m not strong enough
The anger that i feel is all bottled up
I have no way to let it all out.
So help me, escape my feelings
Help me escape my thoughts.
Of confusion, anger sadness in my heart.
Death has a grip on me.
And I don’t understand.
But nothing gets me so angry. So I squeeze my hands
Together in fists of rage.
But I don’t want this to hold me down
I won’t let death keep me down
But like a fish out of water
I can’t breath when I think of it
Is this why some become hermits?
So they don’t have to cope with the pain?
Or is it just the stupidity of this dark world?

But this happens.
There’s no way around it.
You can’t stop it.
You can’t prevent it.
Death is predetermined.
Now when where and how, are not
So keep your friends close.
Your family closer.
Because we all have a date with death.
But you can make the most of your time on earth.
Cherish your time with your loved ones.
Because you are alive!
You are alive I say!
Don’t waste anymore time.
Waste not a second more on worthless earthly things.
But spend it with people.
Real things.
Don’t waste today by making time for your tomorrow.
Make the time now.
Before you’re sorry you missed it.
You have now, this second. Get up, and go.

Silver Prophet


Have you ever laid down in a field during a very starry night? With the lights out at night the stars are magnificent! It is truly unbelievable.

          So first picture that, then picture the following; that the God that created every single human, the God that created every single planet, star and galaxy, loves and wants to have a personal relationship with you!

     Just let this sink in. 


                  Silver Prophet


When I speak to you my stomach aches

It aches of happiness and sadness

You bring joy to my day

But you were the reason I was sad in the first place

Your beauty is astounding

Your heart, so pure like gold


Silver Prophet

All In.

      I have been at basketball camp this past week at Baptist Bible College. While there, I did more than just play basketball, more than just hangout with my friends. I learned how to go “All In” for God.

    A speaker named Gian Paul Gonzales came and taught our chapel. There were a lot of good teachings throughout the week, but there was one that really hit home to me, the phrase “Nothing left to lose”.

     He used the new Batman movie as an analogy. Bruce Wayne was stuck in that dark prison, and tried three different times to climb out. The first he tried out of anger. The second he wanted revenge. The third time he tried, he had nothing left to lose. He didn’t use a rope because there was no turning back, he was saying, its now or never, he was “All In”.

      As young men and women of God, we need to be “All In”, for what we believe in, what were fighting for. There is no turning back. We need more Christians like this, willing to put everything on the line, maybe be a little risky. We need those people, because its people like that, that will change this world, for the better.

   Whats standing in the way of you giving your all for Jesus? What is stopping you from being all in? Will you overcome your anger, your frustration, your hate towards others, be composed, and go “All In” for your lord and savior? I challenge you to these things, as I am challenging myself as well. 

              Silver Prophet

Happiness? Where?

     Recently I have been going through some hard times, struggling with happiness, and fulfillment.  I thought I was happy, but it was obvious to the people around me, I was not. 

   Happiness for me is to see others happy. Here was the problem, it is impossible to bring happiness to others, if your not happy yourself. I continued to lie to myself, and tell myself I was happy, though i was obviously not. 

    So what is happiness? And how do you know when you have found it? 

Well lets think, are you happy when you fill your stomach after being hungry? Most likely yes. Because you filled that need. Are you happy when a loved one, that you missed, comes home from a long trip? Yes, again most likely this makes you happy. So you know what happiness is when you find it, now how do you find it?

       So how can you find permanent happiness? I’m not talking about with finding “the one”. No, no, I’m speaking of a permanent happiness over all your general life. Where can this be found? 

    I found this happiness, this, unforgettable happiness that wont ever let you down. I found it in Jesus. Jesus Christ, the one that saved men, the one that loved you and I enough to die for our sins. The one that forgives you for the mistakes that you make, the mess ups and the  “unforgivable” thoughts and actions. He gave me happiness. All of the longing that I had, for worth, for meaning, sense of happiness. He gave it to me. How?

    I know that if, I believe in him, love him, and ask for his forgiveness, I will live forever when I die in Heaven. Atheists have asked me why I believe in such a “stupid” thing, I reply with this: “If your right, and there is no god, then nothing happens to me or you right? And if I’m right, (which I am), then I live in Heaven for an eternity, and you burn in hell forever. I’d rather be ‘goody-to-shoes’ all my life, and go to heaven or nothing. Then to do whatever I please with my life and go to hell or nothing.” 

    I found happiness in Jesus. I am not perfect, and never will be. I found happiness that I have a loving God looking over me, watching me, and helping me along with life through the good and bad times. 


Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 

I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man.

John 14:1

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.


   Silver Prophet